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Did you know?


Did you know that any pieces of dirt as well as clotted blood collect at the end of the barrel of your syringe when you are shooting up? There are real dangers connected to shooting this shit into your vein. Nowadays, whenever I shoot up, I always leave a smidgen of dope in the barrel […]

“…during problematic use, this drug acted like a monster inside me. The more I fed that monster, the more it wanted to get fed and the bigger it became. But when I stopped feeding it, it became smaller, and it’s influence on me waned. For me, it took three to four days to make the monster so weak, it could hardly influence me anymore.”

When I first started injecting drugs, I was under the misconception that the thinner the needle, the easier I would get my fix.  After all, a thin needle does less damage to the vein, and should be easier to get into a vein. To get a hit, an injecting drug user (IDU) has to get […]

“This is the 3rd message I’ve left, Raffi.  I don’t think you’re busy.  I think you no longer care for our friendship – I get the message.  I am really sorry you feel this way.” Amin, one of my best friends, left this message in my voicemail in the summer of 1996.  He hadn’t done […]